Project Description

Unicorn Double Cream Brie 125g

The most awarded cheese in the Unicorn range, our Brie 125g is a winner with both the judges and the consumer. The ready to eat double cream Brie contains additional cream which helps to create a delicious, creamy flavour to tempt your tastebuds.

Available at Woolworths and select Independent Supermarkets.


DIAA Australian Dairy Product Competition

  • Gold 2012
  • Silver 2008
  • Silver 2007

Royal Queensland Food & Wine Show

  • Silver 2010
  • Silver 2008
  • Silver 2007

Sydney Royal Cheese & Dairy Produce Show

  • Bronze 2016
  • Silver 2009

Brie - King of Cheeses

Brie is also a white mould, surface ripened cheese it has a slightly milder flavour and taste than Camembert.

Internationally Brie is known as the “King of Cheese”. Unicorn Brie, made in the traditional French way deserves this accolade. The secret, of course lies in the richness of the milk, the skill of the cheese-maker and the magic of natural ripening.