Cheese Royalty

Camembert – Queen of Cheeses

Camembert is a white mould, surface ripened cheese with a delicious creamy texture and strong flavour.Firstly discovered in 1790 in France, Camembert is often referred to as the “Queen of Cheese” and remains one of the most popular cheeses in the world today.

Unicorn’s, 100% naturally fresh Camembert, made in the traditional French way, is a perfect ending to a perfect meal.

Brie – King of Cheeses

Brie is also a white mould, surface ripened cheese it has a slightly milder flavour and taste than Camembert.Internationally Brie is known as the “King of Cheese”.

Unicorn Brie, made in the traditional French way deserves this accolade. The secret, of course lies in the richness of the milk, the skill of the cheese-maker and the magic of natural ripening.

ripening guide

Camembert ripening notes

For peak flavour and texture use this ‘Ripening Guide’. The guide indicates weeks prior to ‘Best Before’ and optimum time of ripeness.